Phone Arm Sleeve

that holds your phone.

By Nerdicans | JUNE 25, 2019 in Fitness | 2 comments

Where do you put your phone while you are working out? This has been an issue in the gym for a long time. I AM MACHINE vows to fix that issue. One answer is our Phone Arm Sleeve. It securely holds your phone in place while you workout, hike, walk, weightlift, bike, or any other sport. We have made a cooler more efficient way to utilize your phone while you workout. Check out the Phone Arm Sleeve as soon as you can. It is a real game changer.


So, what the heck is this “I AM MACHINE” thing??? Well, it is a high-end state of the art fitness sportswear line that simply put; holds your phone. It is a little more complex than that obviously but that is the main takeaway that one needs to understand the product. We developed a built-in pocket that holds up to the largest smartphone on the market. We saw the need for people to be able to put their phone somewhere. Until now there really wasn’t an adequate place to put your phone that doesn’t either fallout or flop around. Being avid gym uses we saw the need for such a product. We put the pocket in a strategic place on each piece to gain the best support and minimize movement. This is the key, the phone must stay still while you run, hike, walk, lift, etc. Figuring out the placement and the configuration of the pocket took us a while to get right. It took years of making drawings, patterns, and samples to perfect what and how we wanted this to work. We call our pocket the “View Pocket”. Mainly because you can see your phone through our mesh and obviously it is a pocket. So, that is what I AM MACHINE is. We will continue to build upon the product and make changes and slight alterations to make it even better each time a new line comes out. Thanks for your continued support.



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  1. Keep your phone protected and out of the way for seemless workouts
  2. Helps keep your mind on your workout rather than distractions that can irritate you.


Using the View Pocket is very liberating. Putting your phone in its proper place and not having to play with it is a uforic feeling and something that every gym user needs to experience. This new found freedom allows you to workout worry free that your phone isnt going to go flying accross the gym or even worst getting lost by leaving it on the floor or machine.


  • Piece of mind.
  • No interuptions during your workout with fumbling with your phone.

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View Pocket details:

This technology allows the user to view their mobile device through the clothing while wearing the product. Fabric consists of Max-dri moisture management & microblok anti-microbial finish which aids in keeping you dry and cool during workouts. 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex Mesh: Our specialized mesh holds the phone in place and keeps it secure and stable. Nylon-Spandex Power Mesh Soft and stretchy 85% Polyamide / 15% Elastane Physical Activity: Designed for light sports. Not recommended for high impact.

Places where you probably put your phone currently.

  • In your hand while running?
  • In your back pocket?
  • In your sports bra strap pocket?
  • Lost?
  • Stolen?
  • In you waist band?
  • On a machine at the gym?
  • Or broken on the floor?!
  • No more worries with our Blackout sportswear line!

    Now that you know what to do with your phone, you will also have the confidence and assurance of your phones safety. So, when you exercise you will have no more worries!